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If your pet must undergo surgery, whether for a routine spay or neutering, or a more involved procedure, they will be well cared for by the experienced medical team at Parkville Heights Animal Hospital. We are meticulous about every facet of our surgical services, from pre-operative testing, to continual monitoring during the procedure, to post-surgery consultations. Here's what you can expect when your pet has surgery at Parkville Heights Animal Hospital:

Pre-Surgery Examination and Testing
Before we perform your pet's surgery, our doctors first do a thorough physical exam, looking for any health problems that might compromise the success of the procedure. We also recommend pre-surgical blood tests to check for any conditions that might not be evident during a physical exam.

State of the Art Anesthesia
Our hospital uses the very latest and most effective anesthesia medications available.

Continuous Monitoring During Anesthesia
From the moment your pet is prepped for surgery until it has fully recovered, our medical team will continually monitor its condition, constantly checking vital signs like heart and respiratory rates, temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation level.

Comfort During Surgery
So your pet won't experience any undue discomfort, we begin administering pain medication before surgery and continue on until your pet is released to your care. Animals lose a lot of body heat during anesthesia. To help keep your pet warm our surgical table is heated. After the procedure your pet will recovery on a heating unit and also be wrapped in warm towels and blankets.

Surgical Consultation and Specialist Services
While we offer a full array of surgical services at Parkville Heights Animal Hospital, if needed we can arrange a referral to a board certified surgeon for more advanced surgical procedures.

Post-Operative Consultation
As soon as your pet has recovered from surgery, we will phone you and let you know how your pet is doing. Before we release your pet to your care, our doctors will sit down with you and discuss the procedure, its outcome and what to expect during recovery.

Parkville Heights Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping your pet live a healthy, happy life. Please contact us today with your questions or concerns, or to schedule an exam.


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