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Ultrasound is an accurate and reliable tool used to assist in evaluating and diagnosing your pet's health concerns. The added bonus is that it is a non-invasive procedure that is easy to perform. It also gives the doctor the ability to obtain diagnostic samples without major surgery.

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves that are above the range of human hearing to create an image of organs within the body. Sound waves are reflected off internal body structures and back to the ultrasound probe. The reflected sound waves are analyzed by computer and turned into pictures that can be analyzed immediately and offer a diagnostic capability not available from other imaging modalities. It is a non invasive procedure with very little patient risk or discomfort.

Pregnancy Exams
Pregnancy exams are performed to verify pregnancy and can be used to estimate fetal age and approximate fetal number. It is also valuable to evaluate the health of the fetus.

Regional Exams
Regional exams are focused studies used to answer specific questions about the area in question. This exam is often used to follow up an existing problem.

Comprehensive Exams
Comprehensive exams provide a more in-depth look at the entire region, including the area of concern. They are done as part of a thorough diagnostic workup. Ultrasound can yield a diagnosis in many situations or can be instrumental in guided biopsy to obtain samples that may be needed for diagnosis. It offers real time, immediate evaluations of disease process.


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